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Thursday October 22nd 2020 09:08:15 AM
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Mike Chau @ ERA Real Estate Johor

Mike Chau has witnessed the launch of Iskandar on 4th November 2006. Iskandar’s web portal was his brainchild to provide comprehensive info to the public on Iskandar. He has been actively walking the ground, covered key events pertaining to property and business, done lots of research on real estate matters. Property mapping is his forte. Who is who, where are the key hot investment hotspots, what’s next in Iskandar Malaysia? He has the answers based on researches done. He believes in Iskandar and invested since 2008. Land bank matters in Iskandar, Mike has INSIGHT in ERA Real Estate Johor.

Feel free to get in touch with Mike Chau at +6012-9199512. Team Leader @ ERA Real Estate Johor.
REN No.: 43454. New Bob Realty Sdn Bhd (69200-K) (198101003086)



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Property Talks

2018-03-17 Mike Chau Pontian Property HSR Talk - EN2018-04-14 - Property Guru Malaysia Property Show 20182018-04-14 - Mike Chau at Property Guru SG Panel Discussion2018-11-03 Mike Chau Property Guru - UEMS Talk2018-03-31 Mike Chau UEMS Talk - EN2018-03-31 Mike Chau UEMS Talk - CH2015-10-24 Mike Chau Tropicana Corp Talk - EN2015-10-24 Mike Chau Tropicana Corp Talk - CH2015-03-28 - Mike Chau SMARTEXPO SG Talk2013-06-23 Mike Chau 2nd Iskandar Seminar Talk

Mike Chau is contactable at[at] +6012-9199512.
欢迎与周志达联系:[at] +6012-9199512

KL-SG High Speed Rail (HSR)

2016-12-13-Mike Chau Attended KL-SG HSR Agreement Signing CeremonyMCERIG 0010-2017-12-27MCERIG 0011-2017-12-28MCERIG 0013-2018-01-03MCERIG 0014-2018-01-04MCERIG 0015-2018-01-09MCERIG 0016-2018-01-10MCERIG 0017-2018-01-15eBizwayMediaTech - KL-SG HSR News2017-05-24 - Mike Chau Attended Asia Rail 2017

Mike Chau is contactable at[at] +6012-9199512.
欢迎与周志达联系:[at] +6012-9199512

Media Interviews

2016-08-29 The Edge Financial Daily Mike Chau Interviewed2014-05-20 - ODN Mike Chau News Interview2016-03-09 - ODN Mike Chau News Interview2018-09-11 - ODN Mike Chau News Interview
2014-08-30 - ODN Mike Chau News Interview2015-01-02 - ODN Mike Chau News Interview2014-07-31 - ODN Mike Chau News Interview2016-08-29 - ODN Mike Chau News Interview2013-10-14 - ODN Mike Chau News Interview2013-06-24 - ODN Mike Chau News Interview

Mike Chau is contactable at[at] +6012-9199512.
欢迎与周志达联系:[at] +6012-9199512


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